The department store chain Belk offers three distinct credit card tiers, each offering rich rewards to regular customers of the department store chain. In exchange for spending a certain amount at Belk stores on an annual basis, you will receive different benefits. There are no significant differences between this card and the Belk Premier Rewards credit card in terms of the benefits that you are able to enjoy with this card.


Belk has its own credit card business. These cards are Mastercard, which means they can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted, not just at Belk and Belk.com stores. You will also receive $10 in Belk Rewards dollars (valid for $10 purchases) if you make a purchase on the day of approval. So it’s a pretty solid first day as a cardholder.

Once you have a Belk credit card, you can register online to access it. This allows you to manage and pay your credit card online. Every time you want to do this, you need to log into your online account. At this stage of our Belk Credit Card Test, we will show you how to access your credit card account online.

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Procedure How To Get Registered

It is now very important to register your Belk credit card. You cannot use it without registering. Therefore, you can only use its benefits after registration. Therefore, registering the card is the first thing to do. Here we explain how to register your Belk credit card.

  • First, click on “Register” which appears at the bottom of the page. Then you land on another page.
  • First, enter your card number in the field.
  • The number we are talking about is your Belk credit card number.
  • Upon completing that, as soon as the frame has been completed, we will move on to the next frame. Enter your zip code here.
  • The code referenced here is your zip code.
  • Click Next when finished. Your Belk credit card will be registered shortly.

You will receive a confirmation email from the official website once you have successfully registered on the official website.

Belk Credit Card Login Procedure


  • To log into your Belk Card account, first access this webpage:
  • Immediately after entering the Synchrony Bank website, you will see a registration form on the left. Here you can complete the Belk Credit Card registration process.
  • Start the process by entering your User ID in the first field of this form.
  • Then you need to enter your password in the second field of the form.

Additionally, you have the option of checking the box next to “Remember User ID”; This allows you to save your username for future sessions.

When everything is ready, you need to click the “Secure Connection” button and log in to your credit card account.

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